I started a new painting about living water (John 4:10}. I am stopped right now because I am working 12 hours a day to make ends meet and also working on the house putting wires out to the Garage 220 volt phone and cable . I was on the INTERNET and met a lady named Doris who lives in Ontario way north of the 402. we talked about art and religion she said that she would like to get my paintings on to her bulletin board. the night that I met Doris was totally by accident and we both agreed that it was God’s intervention that we met . this gave us much hope and we started to think of how we could get the pictures on to the INTERNET , I used FTP to get them to her. it took 2 months for me to get my first web site using html programing. it was just as I was getting ready to get this site up that a lightening strike hit the telephone pole and fried all of the phones and computer. we were just about to get the paintings out to the world and it took time to get everything up and running . Marianne , I feel, gave her life over these paintings and now at the prospect of getting this work into the hands of those who need that visual input in their lives , it is my mission to get this out to the world. The lightening melted my phones and modem in the computer and no other neighbors were affected I realized that it was an attack from satan to stop God’s will so I am motivated to get these paintings out to as many as quickly as possible . This may sound crazy in the eyes of the world and perhaps many Christians . Too ,many things have happened at the most effective time to hurt the will of God to be discarded as chance . I feel as if I am in a spiritual weakened state and am under attack. it is easy to pass these events off as the groans of one in pain , and I am in much pain . I found out that Doris ,INTERNET lady’s computer had died and the day she got it back my computer was hit with lightening. In light of these facts I brought a couple of hundred prints of each that I had printed , John 3:16 and John 18:37 . Doris did a great job getting them out and she also set up a web page displaying all of them. It is now July 24th 1998 , Marie went to see a lawyer the day after our anniversary and that hurt , I feel empty and as if a good man has been destroyed. I have always had a lot of love to give to everyone I ever came in contact with and now I fear that the flow of love has been dried up as my heart and soul burn in pain. I have always been one to trust anyone untill they prove that they are not trustworthy , now I don’t want to trust anyone lest they thrust the final blow to my weakened heart and soul and destroy the shell of a man who was once a good man
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