I am convinced of the reality of the spirit world and have made some valid choices to not let any circumstance or event or person stand in the way of my doing what God has for me to do. I , now with a bit more wisdom, know better than to trust myself for protection or direction. I have learned how helpless we are when we trust in self and do not trust fully in God. This paper is a testimony to God’s glory, ultimately both Marianne and Dad ,and since 1998 Mom, have achieved the great reward , Mom went back to church and was a lutheren for the last 10 years of her life. I am inspired by Knowing the reality of God and know beyond a shadow of doubt that satan can not win. I do however need to say that satan is as real as God and if you battle him on your own you can get hurt ,the battle is God’s. There are many rules and methods mentioned in the Biible that are tools for your protection add to that your senses, your awareness which can lead you to see the presence of God in your life every minute of every day. Virtually every event in my life could be coincidental yet added together all events could not have happened without intervention , A calculus professor told me that if you learn enough math , you WILL see God , he was right. September 5, 1993 at 4:30 am the previous writing was finished , at 11:00 the same day an instructor at church taught on our helplessness without the power of God in our lives, in the form of the holy spirit and of how to make it manifest in our lives simply by asking, imagine all we need do is ask. How wonderful ! I took this teaching personally since my Christian walk began when my own thoughts literally slapped me in my nose ( see “how I came to know God”) as i write the words “it is finished” referring to the painting John 18:37, my own thoughts are returned to me through the infinite love of God , love and thoughts infinitely finer than my own. This writing was done in 1993 ,shortly after I met Marie and I thought we fell in love . We prayed and praised the Lord together. we were married July 7th 1994 at 7 pm (7-7-7) Marie helped with painting John 3:3 during the winter of 94/95. we also built a puppet stage in Port Huron for the “Sons” outreach ministry in an old church on 10th street as a tool to teach children about Jesus in a poorer part of town. Jacob started school in Memphis and Marie’s two daughters Becky and Elizabeth also lived with us part time . I left Tower bus late 95 and worked at Phoenix construction in Richmond as a repair person for a set of condominiums. Marie and I flourished till the kids did not want to go to church and we stopped going to respect their wishes I think Marie was tired of religion also and she left me for another man in late 1997 , she had increased the debt on the house from $25000 to over $60000 I should have known better than to marry her in the first place , but that brought me to Memphis and eventually Peggy
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