Marianne had come from a dysfunctional alcoholic family and she had been an alcoholic but she had conquered alcoholism and alcohol killed her anyway she was a professional driver and knew how to avoid drunks , witnesses say it was like a dance and she had missed him a couple of times but he turned into her at the last moment, and hit her head on . she was very proud of her new car a Toyota tercel which was 5 star crash rated she was literally killed by her front bumper . Needless to say the painting was postponed . after all that had to be done for the funeral etc. I painted a little and finished the house with the colors that Marianne wanted and finished it in the first week of February 1993 , I was committed to taking 3 trips one to Florida to see Marianne’s best friend Barb , Barb Demay another driver went with me on a 2 bus movement that turned out to be from the school that Marianne had graduated from and the chaperons knew her , when we arrived in Florida Barb D and I went to Barb and ray’s house for a dinner, Barb was the last person to see Marianne alive as she left Tower to come home and make lasagna , at Barb and ray’s , barb made dinner and told us that she was planning chicken but at the last minute was compelled to make lasagna , both barb d and I had a chill run down our spines and when we told Barb and Ray about that Marianne going home to make lasagna they had chills up and down their spines also. this event is proof of a spiritual realm . second trip was to take Lutheran High North around the country as they did their service to God by singing to Lutherans around the country , I had been privileged to be their Shepard . The 3rd trip was to Quebec city to talk with my friend Walt because he was in turmoil because his wife had left him . We were to take a car to Kingston Ontario and the buses would come to us . I became ill and went to the hospital “ hotel Dieu” or God’s hotel the doctor who took care of me was Mary-Ann . I needed surgery because I was plugged up and they tried to get it cleared from both ends to no avail , they could not do the surgery because I was from the states, it took a week for my daughter to come and get me , my stomach was continually pumped . When I got home I went to my doctor even though I had records from Kingston he gave me a gallon of go-lightly which I took and it almost killed me , My daughter came and took me to the hospital emergency surgery was performed and it turned out that a single stitch back in 1776 stitched the intestines to the abdomen wall. On the way home again with Jennifer we stopped and I bought a chair that was tall and would go up or down and I finished John 18;37. I believe that Marianne’s death and my almost dying was to stop the painting , I persisted and then put Marianne into the painting John 10.9 waving back at me as she was entering heaven. These events are powerful and true and I persist no matter what happens, My knowledge of God is fortified and I know the reality of heaven , when I had died 1n 1976 a voice said “ it’s alright you are not alone” . I do not fear death although I do not want to die before Peggy , she depends on me for much
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