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July 4th 2019 Peggy and I took Carmel to Mackinaw where she met all her sisters and brothers Carmel is a teacher and has taught in Japan as an English teacher. The 4th of July was a 4 day event and Carmel got along with everyone , on our way back we went west to the coast along one of the prettiest roads in Michigan over to cross village and down to Charlavoix and then to Peggy’s sister Rose and Lindy . we went to Gaylord for dinner and Carmel drove the rest of the way. The 4th day of the time in Mackinaw George took to abusing me loudly telling me that I am not a Christian because I believe in Choice , he berated me for over an hour and all I could say to him was that I was really hoping that we could be friends since we were both Christians the more he abused me the more I said I was hoping that we could be friends Valerie told me that he was saying these things out of love, apparently he was going to abuse me till my beliefs matched his. I have a belief that if a person of another belief were to serve GOD all of their life with all their heart that although they did not know Jesus as their savior at the moment of their death Jesus would come and say Let me introduce myself, George does not like that because he is a Christian and he is going to heaven where there are only Christians. and he thinks that there should never be an abortion because life begins at conception and that fetus should be protected even if it meant that its mother should die. George’s mother moved in with a man before they were married and he would not let his own mother come into his house because she was sinning and he was protecting his Children., again everyone has to go by his Christian values. It is now October 14, 2020 . we are supporting Joe Biden in his candidate run for President Four years ago the Church that I went to for 20 years had a new pastor who showed 3 films that were political in nature all 3 started by saying that liberals and democrats are evil , used Hillary Clintons words aut of context as proof that democrats are trying to destroy Christianity and wound up by saying that Donald Trump was sent by God as savior to America. The 3rd movie was shown at the time where children were taken from their parents , I thought that was wrong but people in the church thought it was OK since they were illeagel aliens and I was talked to in negative tones and was called a liar when I said that Hillary’s words were taken out of context to top all that off a friend told me that the world was only 6000 years old , he used to be a school teacher . I left that church ., my paintings were hung there and I took them home Trump has hurt America that is why I support Biden as of now I had painted a picture during the winter 2020 of God painting the earth with an angel handing him paint and brushes and all the painting are in the garage under plastic , 2 months ago I hurt my back by picking up rocks , we are house bound due to a virus we do take car rides and work on yard