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Peggy and I went south west , first stop was Memphis Tn. where we went to Beal street and had lunch at the “hard rock cafe” , we then went west to Bauxite Ark. where Aluminum ore ( bauxite) was mined for the second world war. on the way we ran across a young man with car troubles and wound up taking him home so that he could get tools and parts . and then camped outside of Little Rock Ark. where in the morning we went to the Clinton library and then on to Bauxite. We continued west through Texas , stopping at Midland Tx. to see a sculpture Garden which was great. the next day we went to Carlsbad caverns New Mexico near Roswell . I was hoping to see the museum of Robert Goddard who had a shop in Roswell where he invented rocketry in 1926 but it was closed at that time. We wandered through New Mexico, Arizona an southern California where Peggy went to the running deer Buddhist monastery and then on to the wedding of Lee and Dana in Santa Barbara . after that we wandered through Nevada and Utah . we left Utah dinosaurs behind , crossed a mountain and went from summer to winter in a couple of hours and we went To Jeremy and Michelle’s and then went home , it was 60 in Utah and it snowed in Wausau Wisconsin , we drove home from Wausau in a snow storm , blizzard at times and only stopped once to get food and gas. I had another bout of pneumonia and on December 18th 2019 the hernia repair failed again thought I had a heart attack , went to the hospital where it was discovered that my stomach was once again between my heart and lungs. during this time I went to replace the injectors in our 2007 trailblazer and when I put it together there was one small nut missing , My son Jacob was coming over to have his car repaired so I started the trailblazer up and killed the motor $10000 later there was a new motor in the car It was quite an investment into an old car but it was well maintained and every bearing and seal had been replaced as well as the whole front steering mechanisms , That car can last another dozen years. I had the hernia repair on May 2nd 2019 and a third back surgery on September 2019 . April 11 2019 Peggy’s nephew did a genetic search and found a name that he did not recognize and researched it and found Carmel Crane who grew up in San Francisco and was adopted at birth she was the first child of Peggy who was in the peace corps at the time and felt that the child would be better off with someone else. Peggy came to contact Carmel and arrangements were made to get her to Michigan where she could meet the whole Guoin family in Mackinaw city where we were to all camp on July 4th . That happened , we picked her up at the airport in Detroit spent a night at home where Alex, Peggy’s nephew, met Carmel , he lives in Texas and flew here just to meet her since she is a cousin he never met.