page 19
october 21 2020
I finished this site last Friday night and it took me till tuesday to get it uploaded to this host site . A month ago it took a week to add the newest painting to the website because the software that I bought in 2009 was discontinued and there was no way to talk to their sales or support staff , I realized that I needed a new software to make certain that this site would continue so I bought a new program from Xara , it turned out to be a better program for developing websites BUT whwn I tried to import pages from the old site it would not do it so I had to recreate each page plus there were something like 60 pages of typing that had to be retyped . retyping and rebuilding took roughly 3 weeks I went to upload this to site to the host (Gracenet ) Christian publisher from Nashville Tennessee and it would not change the site , I tried aroun 50 times with every possible way to upload at 5 minutes per try. After exhausting every possible variation I then read the direction and found out that I was doing it rightr , so at that point I started asking the support for the manufacturer of the web program ,Xara and the support at the host ,Gracenet, both tried several times to get it to work but to no avail I persisted and finally came up with a plan that would delete the site from Gracenet and they thought about it and in getting into it found where I had uploaded it many times , they renamed the file that was uploade from the former site and it worked after 4 days of trying . I had considered buying another software or just going to a different web host. If you have read this story , this attempt to stop me from getting these paintings out to the world is just about what is to expected from my history. GOD WANTS THESE PAINTINGS OUT We are 8 months into a pandemic which has isolated most people from the rest of the world we have 13 days till the next election , Our president has called the virus fake, refused to wear a mask and has belittled those who do wear masks , as a result the virus deaths have gone way up ,220000 have died already with roughly 1000 dying every day as of Oct 21 2020. we should all be wearing good masks sowe could be able to be controlled. I am hoping for a new president so that this virus can be attacked.