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After the hernia surgery I did little till the fall of 2017 and on labor day weekend I woke up and could not walk in a straight line , (so what do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning ?, ) I was in the hospital for 5 days 3 cat scans , 3 m.r.i.s, an e.e.g and several x-rays , no stroke , heart attack or neurological problem was found so I went home with no answers . a couple of weeks later I went for a 6 month checkup with a pain management Dr. , he did not like what he saw and took me for an mri which went a little lower in the back which comp;eted the study of my back and the problem was apparent , finally after 2 months relief was in site of relief , it was Dec 20th that I had the back surgery and Peggy brought me home Christmas eve . Christmas day the furnace quit, I could barely move but I did work my way down to the basement and took the covers off the furnace and coaxed the furnace into functioning for a while , by manually starting the motor that blew the gases out , it is a high efficiency furnace , the furnace would work long enough for the house to warm up and then we had to shut it off till the house cooled down , fortunately we had changed all the windows and put extra insulation in the attic . As of March 3rd 2018 , the painting that I began in the fall of 2017 of Genesis / big bang has omly the rough outline , I am at a point that I can sit for an hour or two and can now return to painting , the same pattern start to paint , distracted. The winter has been one of watching TV or playing games on the Computer. I did manage to get to music practice twice but it was painful . We went grocery shopping , I did not think that pushing a grocery cart could hurt me , the operative words are “ did not think”. I finished the 8 ft. x 12 ft. Clegg mural and , I also painted 2 -16 x 20 inch paintings to be auctioned off at the Library book sale where for the past few years I would be outside under a tent selling paperbacks for $ .25 each and I play my dulcimer for everyones listening pleasure for 3 days . I thoroughly enjoyed this event every year. I had been asked if I could paint something on the south side of a building in town . there was a faded and peeling mural there already that had been painted by a 16 year old girl , I told the owners of the Donut girls that I would not paint over that mural but that I would repair it to honor the courage of a 16 year old art student . August 5th 2018 I started to paint first by marking where all of the elements were and then by grinding off the paint and priming the brick , which was what that the young girl did not do and the cause of the deterioration . I then recreated the mural and added enhancements . I only took one month to finish this . It was very hot that month with temps reaching 98 degrees , I was sweating all the time and wound up with walking pneumonia and then played 4 concerts with the riverstrings.