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After that time whenever there was a family meeting I was abused , Peggy asked Anna to treat me well so she was very sweet unless no one was around where she fell into abusing me, one day I asked them to leave and was told that I can not tell them to leave because it was her mothers house. one day at the library with several people around Anna greeted me sweetly and I responded by saying “ that is nice Anna now why don’t you tell them how you really treat me? A week later Anna and Casey came over to settle things as Casey was walking through the door he was saying belittling things continually . I was telling Anna that If she is serious I will forgive every negative thing said to or about me . Casey said get it over with so I said “ Anna tell him that that I just forgave all , she said “ I don’t know , you said a lot of things “ I then said “ Anna you have hurt me badly and I am trying to forgive you , if i called you mother a whore it would hurt her and that is what you have done to me” Casey yelled out “ if I were a member of this family I would take you outside and kick your ass” I jumped up , looked him straight in his eye and said “ you are a member of this family , so do it” he got up and for at least 10 minutes called me every name he could think of but he would not look me in the eye. Peggy said take it outside so I put on mu shoes and went outside and Anna and Casey left, They did not come over to settle things , they came over to bully me and it did not work Casey is about a foot taller and 100 lbs. heavier and he would not look at me while his childish name calling November 2016 , I thought I had a heart attack and went to the hospital and after a few tests there was no conclusion . A couple of weeks later i was on a step ladder painting on the top of the door of the shed, I was on the ground without knowing why , back to the hospital more tests and when a nurse went to take an ultrasound of my heart she could not because my stomach was in the way , it was a hiatal hernia that had grown so large that it was pushing on my heart and lungs. I made an appointment with Dr. McFarlain and on April 7th 2017 she repaired the hernia and my blood pressure that was high for 20 years went low and has stayed low. I had lost too much weight and for some reason the gall bladder died and was removed in mid May 2017. In May 2017 I started 2 paintings one is 12 ft long and 8 ft wide for the historical society depicting the Clegg mobile built by Thomas Clegg in 1885 /86 in Memphis Mi . this being the first self propelled vehicle in Michigan, on this mural is the home and foundry of the Clegg’s homestead. The other painting is 5 ft. wide x 12 ft. long and is the words from Genesis and the words of the big bang theory crossing each other in a double helix . the Clegg mural is being done in the garage at an angle because the ceiling was not 8 ft tall. my back hurts and I can paint for an hour or two ,