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I had started president Jesus because every previous painting had popped into my head but I was without something to paint so I prayed for direction That Sunday I went to Church and Harold Cummings told me that he was thinking of me when he saw a painting of a Jesus greeting a businessman sitting behind a desk and he thought that it should be Jesus behind the desk . at that very second a picture came into my head and that is what came out on the canvass, it took 2 years to get the job done. this painting will have 2 titles “ John 13:34 , love God and love one another” and Isaiah 9:6 ‘the government shall be upon his shoulders”. May 1st would have been my Dad’s 110th birthday , he died in 1988 and mom died in 1998 my sisters and brother would get together for a celebration . I had met George in a restaurant and he just yelled at me and would not listen after all he is “Pastor George “ and knows the bible in and out it is sad that he does not know the love of Christ. Peggy and I were very happy and very busy , everything was fine till 2008 when aunt Dorothy felt as if I were stalking her ,saying that I was sitting across from her house watching while she was not at home and that I broke into her house and stole shoes to give to my children. Peggy’s daughter Anna and Casey came over and with me sitting there told Peggy that I am not what she thought and that I was no good. Peggy said that I was not that way and they told her that she doesn’t know what she is talking about , I should have responded because they disrespected her by saying that she did not know me after 8 years they basically called her ignorant even though she was in charge of 9 libraries and was 3rd in command at the county;s library system with a masters degree. We were at Anna and Casey’s a few months earlier and I told them a story of a trip I took to southern Alabama with 6 generations on the bus the elder was in upper 90’s and the baby was new we went to the slave quarters of a plantation where the owner gave the homes to the former slaves and hired them with fairly good wages , we were there for a week and I heard many good stories of that county where many bought the slaves to give them freedom and that the slaves were employed even though bought, I made a statement that slavery was not always as bad as Hollywood made them out to be. these cabins were equal to the cabins that Abraham Lincoln grew up in. . of course Casey took this as an opportunity to call me a racist because all he heard was “ slavery is not bad” , even though those words did come out of my mouth they were not in that order. I yelled at Casey for calling me a racist because over the years I had to fight off all of those who called me a nigger lover. enough is enough. I think that we are all brown , just different shades thereof , I have never seen a BLACK person nor a WHITE person although there have been albino people just never a totally black person even though I had a friend that was so black , he shone