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April 15 2016 After finishing President Jesus we went to Arkansas around thanksgiving and had a great time , after that we went to rush Arkansas which was a zinc mine before world war 2 and is now a true ghost town . We went to Mount Ida looking for quarts and then to a state park south of Hot Springs Ark. that had a garden nearby , the garden was nice but it had a light display at night and it was incredible with 5 million lights , we had never before seen such a thing . The next day we went to see Jennifer in Georgia and had a post thanksgiving dinner , At night Jennifer took us to a garden south of her that had 11 million lights and it again it was breathtaking. At Christmas eve Peggy had Christmas dinner with her children and even though I had a cold I left and drove to our park and played music for a few hours, the bored policeman came to see what I was doing , he said it was strange for someone to be sitting in the park Christmas eve alone playing music , I agreed with him and he was allowed to spend a bit of his Christmas eve talking with another human being. The reason that I had to avoid Peggy’s family is that I was tired of being abused by her family by them calling me names and accusing me of many perversions , Casey threatened me and I stood up to him , he threatened me because he was not listening to what I was saying and he heard every other word and thought I had called his wife a bad name , on July 4th I asked him for an apology and George lit into me and started calling me many names including saying that I had un-forgiveness and was not a Christian even though I had forgiveness , an apology would have let Casey forgive me. I met George at a restaurant to explain to him the series of events that led up to that time , He dominated the conversation and just called me names.
I went to Wilberforce Canada for my birthday to avoid Peggy’s family who have a July 4th party and went to bear lake and collected apatite, calcite and titanite.