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June 2014 Peggy and I went on a 5 thousand mile trip starting with My daughter Jennifer and her daughter Kara -Linn. We went to Monticello , climbed Tinker mountain near Roanoke Virginia on the appellation trail and then mined rubies in North Carolina . we took Jennifer and Kara home just south of Atlanta Georgia , Peggy and I went as far south as Savanna Georgia and wound our way up the east coast as far as Boston. after getting back home from that wonderful trip we had a dulcimer concert to play and we did very well . I became very ill within a few days and wound up with pneumonia and i did little for a month or more , I have not painted for almost 3 months and I hope to get back at it very soon . July 7 2014 During the past week I used a jackhammer to break up the slab of concrete out the lower back door and then put 30 + bags of pea gravel and the same for sand , the last bag I picked up took me down , back to a doctor where he gave me a shot of steroids into my spine. I am hoping that it works . I am having problems with Peggy’s family which has the possibility of forcing me away because I refuse to be abused. so here is a Christian question do you allow yourself to be bullied if it means that your life will remain stable or do you walk away from a commitment made between the two of you and God. I am told to just let it be for family unity and I have a problem with that. I will make finishing this painting a priority, all of this stuff happening is the normal pattern of satans way of stopping the paintings , I am 66 years old and am attacked from my body and now from Peggy’s sister in law , daughter and son in law. all I can ask is “WHY”. Last year I caught double pneumonia and was hospitalized a couple of weeks later with a a mersa infection and a fungus growth in my lungs. A procedure was performed whereas a surgeon went into the lungs and cleaned them out using a suction tool. I was on steroids for two months straight and was weak weak for the rest of that summer and did little during that time.