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I tripped over a tool box and saved the monitor that I was carrying but hurt my neck . That was two weeks ago it is now 2-21-2012 the pain in my neck is getting better , I am now painting and will continue to paint . My final analysis is that somehow, someway, someone will be blessed with these paintings and the work that God wants done is being done. I started a painting using my 41st birthday gift , my niece Marjorie as a model , holding a Bible that is giving off light towards Marjorie and the back of the Bible is morphing into a meal , It is titled “John 6:35 , man does not live by bread alone,” . I finished this painting on Christmas eve 2012 and framed it on July 1st 2013. After finishing this painting I repaired three very old paintings one was an 1800’s fishing village , the next was a scenery of what I would think of a danish village , the third was a portrait of Mary the mother of Jesus that was badly damaged and peeling . during this time i also made six dulcimers with three more planned. as of 9-21-2013. June 2014 I am painting a canvass that is 5 ft. x 6 ft. . it is the oval office with Jesus sitting behind the resolute desk pointing to a scroll that says “ new rules , love God , Love one another” I started this in the fall of 2013 and painted all winter when I could , I would paint a couple of hours until my back hurt then I would lay down for a bit and then get back at it. The resolute is very intricate . The story is of the English ship “ resolute” that was abandoned in the arctic having been frozen in ice . it was found adrift the following year by an an American whaling ship that towed it back to America and refurbished it before sailing it back to England. When the resolute was retired the queen of England had a desk made from the wood and gave it to Rutherford B Hayes the president of the united states in 1880.