It is now October 9th 2020 , we are in a pandemic of epic proportions that began in late 2019 . This is a collection of writings that began in the early 1980’s some of which was done while I was depressed or confused. This is a story of my life since I become a Christian and my perceptions of the events surrounding the paintings. that I have done. February 2012 My story is one of a walk, or more like a stumble through God’s world , a walk tainted by pride , vanity and a general lack of wisdom a walk that is now becoming one of walking in submission to the will of God. A walk that has led me to no longer merely believe in God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit but now of KNOWING that God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real and unfortunately knowing that satan is real also.. It is with this knowledge that must say that the number one priority in my life is to do the will of the Lord and all the tasks that God puts before me , no matter what obstacles appear to be in my way for God is in control and there is no obstacle that God can not overcome it is only when we accept the obstacle as real that it becomes an obstacle that hinders us.. satan is a deceiver who puts obstacles in our path that are not real in the eyes of God and with that knowledge we can protect ourselves from this evil. Do not be so foolish in thinking that you can defeat satan by yourself it is only God who can do that and you could be hurt if you try to defeat satan by yourself’ please go to the page “how I came to know God” then come back here after going to court in Tuscola the judge released me and called by boss at the Romeo school system and apologized for my absence . I had been driving a truck delivering hot lunches to the different elementary and junior high schools but during the summer I was at the high school doing Maintenance work and making minimum wage . another maintenance worker repaired TV’s and knew that I could do that work also so he asked me if I could help him do that , I told him that I had lost all of my equipment in a fire in Harrison , he told me that he had some spare equipment that he could loan me. He brought the equipment to me and I knew that it was equipment that could be bought by institutions , I also knew that the high school was missing about $40000 worth of equipment , this man had it all and he stole it to make up for the wages he thought he should be making , although he made the maximum that department could offer he thought he was better than anyone else because he could repair TV’s , I perceived this as an illness. I went to the police and talked to the judge explaining that this man was ill and needed help not jail, the judge agreed and he went to a facility that could help him . This took 3 days , the school got their equipment back but when I asked for 3 days sick pay it was denied , I could not pay my rent so I had to leave town, I had no money and no food between the time that I had left before rent was due I met a boy on a bike that was running away from home about that time a truck overturned and it was full of food that had to be thrown out, my cupboards were full, the boy was very hungry so he ate , I talked to him , called his parents and they came and took him home. I went to Mt. Clemens to say goodby to my friends Ken and Linda Betcher , my Austin Healey car was hit in a parking lot and was not drivable , I gave my bicycle away to another friend because it was getting cold , I had already spent a winter homeless in the woods of Gladwin county (see Nancy page) , I was going to hitch hike south , had a back pack on and was heading towards a main road when I was arrested for vagrancy because I had no money or address. Ken and Linda paid for the bail $1000 so I stayed in Mt. Clemens while I was waiting for a court date , within that time Tower bus called and asked if I wanted a job and I said yes , that was a lifetime of driving for me , I retrieved my beloved bicycle back , the man who trained me on buses gave me an air force flight jacket , another friend let me stay in their attick on a 4x 8 sheet of plywood till I made enough money to rent an apartment. Linda Betcher was taking art classes , when I told her that I did not know how to draw she simply told me that I could all I had to do was do it. and my art world began Later on in 2018 Peggy and I were in salt lake city , I met a woman who in conversation told me that there was a group of people who had died and come back , each with a new talent just like me.
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