how I came to know God
It was either 1978 or 79 that I rode my bicycle from Romeo to New Haven a 15 mile ride that I took often to see a friend and for the exercise . I had a 1959 Austin Healey bug eyed sprite and a Ross 27 inch lightweight road bicycle , I loved them both but chose the bicycle for long rides to see friends in Mt. Clemens and New Haven. Martha and I were getting close and one night she told me that we were getting too close and she had two kids and I had no money so for the sake of the children we decided to not be lovers and be just friends and over the years that is what happened. I was riding through Richmond on my way back back from that decision , deep in thought about what true love is when I was arrested for riding my bicycle without a headlight. I was taken to jail in Richmond where they found out that I had an unpaid traffic ticket for a cracked windshield in a car I owned for a few days and basically drove from Gladwin to East Detroit and from East Detroit to a junk yard . I had not remembered about that ticket. I was then taken by a county sheriff to the County jail in Mt Clemens and a state police car came from Caro and took me to Tuscola county in Caro where I was put into that Jail around 5 am where I laid down on a cement slab and a piece of paper hit me in my nose . This paper was a bible verse , first Corinthians 13 verse 1 through 8, all about what true love is God had me go through all of that to deliver a message to me , he knew my thoughts and repeated them to me . I wanted to find out where that beautiful poem came from so I was introduced to the bible looking for who it was thought as pure as me . After reading the bible I thought Jesus was great and I decided that I would follow him If I could know if what was in the bible was real. as I read the book of genisis I saw that the big bang theories of galactic development were identical . this directed me to look closer at the bible God would make things happen like if I wanted a cup of coffee a dollar rolled down the street and land at my feet. so many things happened that were possible but not probable . The number of these possible but not probable was so great that I had no choice but to conclude that it was not possible for these events to happen , I did conclude that there was intervention therefore GOD. From that point on God has not disappointed me it is now October 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and God has taken care of me , I have been directed to Memphis and Peggy who has encouraged and provided guidance in painting these God directed paintings