I had never heard of Tower bus , I can only guess as to how or why they called me I have never filled out an application for Tower and I never did go to court either. I took this as the Lords intervention and I took this role seriously because I was now in a position to protect and love those in my charge . I believe that I have done at least a fair job for both Tower bus and the lord. Just after starting at Tower bus I met a very nice Lady , we married , had a baby , Jacob Michael , his name came in a dream “ she shall be called Rachael but HE shall be called Jacob “ see Therese , Jacob came to live with me when he was 11, Therese sold every gift that I gave to Jacob just to be mean . I met Marianne Carducci , we fell in love and shared a wonderful life of love , growth, sharing and exploration. Marianne was a bus driver and we worked well together . When we traveled in two bus movements All of our customers were very pleased because we both shared the same agape love for people as well as our love for adventure and God , our customers were the recipients of this love . Marianne and I had 10 very good years together , Linda was instrumental in my learning to draw and Marianne continued that process by uplifting me and was my critic advising me on color and object placement . fall 1984 While praying a picture popped into my head and I knew that I had to paint it John 3:16 “ for God so loved the world” 3 ft. x 5 ft. was started and just after starting it I hurt my back while working on Terry’s car and could only paint for a few minutes every day . The doctors said that I had severe strain and sprain in the lower back , 20 years later after several periods of back pain it was found out that the back had been broken since 1977 and kept breaking and healing over time . I persisted in painting despite the pain and John 3:16 was finished in march of 1985. John 1:1” in the beginning” came to me as did John3:16 and was finished in less than an hour, this painting explains the big bang theory to me as well as the words “ God said let there be light” as far as I am concerned the book of Genisis and the big bang theory say the same thing. John 14:27 “my peace I give to you” was begun and was painted only on the bus or in motel rooms , carried in a cardboard box it took two years painting in this manner. John 10:9 “ I am the door” was begun in November 0f 1985 . Marianne and I stretched the canvass onto a 4 ft. x 8 ft. frame . I began by doing a rough outline and at the very moment that I completed the outline of Jesus , a pain shot through my arm and I lost the use of my arm , I was put into the hospital with my neck having taken on the shape of an s curve . I was given a dye into my spine for a test and had a severe reaction I woke up from a nightmare in intensive care , I was very ill and did not have the use of my arm for almost a month , it was found out in 1993 that there was a muscle growing the wrong way in my shoulder , putting pressure on the nerve.
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