I traded the bus for a 1965 Plymouth fury , a good strong car and found a job in Harrison at a tv. shop where I put all of my electronic tools. on my way to work I was doing 55 or 60 when I came over a hill and there was a car in my lane I swerved to the right and went off to the shoulder of the road to avoid him and he went to my shoulder also , a head on collision on my side of the road . I watched the motor come through the firewall and I had plenty of time to move over and get out of the way of the motor. My belly bent the steering wheel up to the column and the column up to the ½ inch rod which was bent , later it was found that my back was broken , unsure weather it was the bullet that fractured the hip and circled through the intestines or the steering wheel. After getting out of the hospital I found out that the shop I was working at burnt down and all of my tools were gone with it, I had no income so landlords asked me to leave and all of my friends did not want me around so I wound up in the snow. I was in a sleeping bag with no food and I really did not care if I lived or died, I had not eaten for a month +/- when I saw a single blade of grass peeping out of the snow, I thought that the grass had a will to live , I should also, Next phase was taking care of a farm for some city people I was able to eat stale donuts that the owners brought to feed the pigs and eggs from the chickens. the pigs were hard to keep penned up , every thing that I invented to keep them locked up , they would undo quickly. I found a job repairing tv.s and selling appliances as well as running an arcade which involved repairing the pinball machines. did well but the owners did not want to pay me for anything , I wound up moving towards Harrison where I went back to school in a program of psychiatric nursing for a year. I think I wanted to know why I was a bit crazy. made Friends with Donald Terry Smith and talked him into school, he had been in the Marines and thought he was not smart enough but I told him that he was . so we went into nursing together. classes at both Mid Michigan and central Michigan University. . Don and I took a trip to the U.P. and found several old mines and I became fascinated with the variety of rocks , till this day I still enjoy finding different minerals and studying how the earth is made. Nancy left the man she took off with because he was abusive and she moved towards Detroit with her brother Randy. I followed . I traded a 65 Thunderbird with a bad motor for a Chevy with a cracked windshield. Nancy would not let me see the Kids , I went to court and the Judge said that I could see the Kids but when I went to get them with my dad I was arrested for trespassing , after moving Nancy needed money so I could see the kids as long as I gave her extra funds. saw the kids I