Mark had bought a business warehousing appliances and delivering them around metro Detroit I worked for Mark for a while but after a year I went to Romeo schools as a delivery of hot meals to the schools
In driving from Gladwin to East Detroit , now east Point, I had a ticket for a cracked windshield around Caro Mi.. I moved in with my sister Sally and Mark Bender. Mark was one of my drug doing friends and we both did much lsd , speed and pot . one weekend at Marks mothers cottage we and 3 others smoked a pound of pot in one night.
I drove the food truck and kept it very clean after school ended I was put into the maintenance department , one of the other maintenance men asked me if I could help him repair electronic things , I said no problem but I had no equipment , no problem he said , he had some extra. . He brought me some equipment and some work , BUT I knew that the equipment was not available for purchase outside if institutions. I also knew that the high school was missing about $40000.00 worth of equipment. in talking with this man I learned that he was not selling this stuff , he was thinking that he was worth more than they were paying him , he was making up for what he thought he was worth. I talked to the police and the Judge , I received an agreement that this man would get psychiatric care not prison , he did go to an institution and did get the help that he really needed , he did lose his job. It took 3 days to get all this done the school got the equipment back, I asked for 3 days sick pay but they did not pay it, because I was not sick . I could not pay rent so I had to go. I went to Mt Clemens to say Goodbye and my car a 1960 Austin Healey bug eyed sprite was hit in a parking lot, it bent the frame and was not drivable. Backing up a bit I had a lady friend in new haven and I would ride my bicycle from Romeo once a week to see her . one night we decided to not get too close because she had 2 kids and I had no money. I was going through Richmond at 2 am and was arrested for riding my bicycle without a headlight , Remember the cracked windshield on the car I had for two days+/-. for that unpaid ticket a sheriff came and took me to Mt. Clemens where a state policeman came from Caro to get me and take me to Caro. at 5 am I laid down on a slab of cement and a piece of paper hit me in my nose, it was “ ! Corinthians 13” back to leaving Mt. Clemens ,I was walking towards a main street so that I could hitchhike to a warmer climate winter was coming and I know what homeless in winter is all about. I was arrested for vagrancy because I had little money, that piece of paper hitting my nose inspired me to read the bible , what came next was life changing , to Tower Bus