I graduated with honors in the spring of 1975 with extra honors for extra achievement because I had built a fully functioning studio for broadcasting , instead of building an antenna the final stage was wiring throughout the school , the studio was used for teaching broadcasting. after we had cleaned the house and property up the judge said that since I could not prove that I had paid the rent that i was to be removed from that premises , after court I stood at the bottom of the stairs because I wanted to see this man look into my eyes after the evil thing that he had done , a policeman thought that I was going to be violent so he jumped on me and put his knee into my chest. I went to the hospital with 3 broken ribs above my heart, while in the hospital the policeman was treated for a broken knee cap. I had to go to court for assault of a police officer because I broke his kneecap with my ribs. Our son Jeremy was born in west branch in November 1975just after having my ribs broke and the sheriff came between Christmas and New year and put all of our stuff on the roadside , we had no money because we had given it to the landlord in good faith but we had cleaned up his rat infested property ,he could raise the rent. We drove to my parents cabin and stayed in the car till the car started on fire , despite my parents telling me that I could not stay there I broke in , fixed the car and within a couple of days found a way to rent another house. We had bought a 1956 school bus that had a bad engine , we rebuilt the engine and put it in the bus using an ax and a car jack and a rope. the bus had a wood burning stove couch and several beds . this is how we saved our stuff which included my tools for mechanics and electronics. I repaired c.b. radios as well as t.v.’s etc. for money During this time Michigan state university had me come and take 2 weeks of tests . they showed me the inner workings of their reactor and offered a full scholorship including books and housing , this was the 5th time that they offered this in their history I Q. of 148 and my love of the electron helped. Also during this time we rented a house in Hockaday and I repaired electronic devices for money and in doing so met a nice couple with 5 kids . of course that man smoked pot and I had stoped doing drugs after I found that learning was a greater high. Nancy had an affair with this man , he kicked his wife out and replaced her with Nancy , when Nancy left I went a bit mad and shot up the t.v’s that I hasd repaired for sale and then shot myself, I was in the ambulance when they slowed down shut off the siren and radioed in “we lost him” . the next thing was being in a nice place and a soft voice said it is all right , you are not alone. and then I heard “ pump him” and then I was in the hospital. taken to Saginaw where they repaired 7 holes in the intestines and one in the colon. After returning to Hockaday Nancy had stolen my teeth partials and my boots, It took walking 6 miles to the sheriffs barefooted to get my boots, I understand that hate and love are both strong emotions