We moved to a house west of Beaverton Michigan , it was a log cabin 2 bedrooms and living room in one half and 2 rooms in the other half , it looked like 2 cabins connected . it was buolt in the mid 1800’s as an office for a lumbering company. there was an oil derick behind the house by1/4 mile and we used the gas off of it to heat the house , I had to clean the furnace weekly because the gas was dirty but free. Allison our second child Allison was born in Clare Mi. September 11 1973 . the dr. failed to deliver the afterbirth and Nancy almost died. I had a job at a machine shop that made dies for a plastic factory. I ran mill’s and lathes. . I worked fast and accurate , the other employees begged me to slow down and be less accurate , but me being as dense as I am did not see the logic in their requests . when I was running computers there were times when we designed auto parts that were designed to fail after a certain amount of time. I did not see then that was to keep people working and feeding families, I had to grow up to see that logic. I started going to Mid Michigan college in Harrison Mi. studying electronics , while also taking a mail order course in home entertainment electronics, part of that course was building a 25 in. color tv , the largest at the time, I took courses in chemistry , physics and calculus , the calculus professor told me that if I learn enough math I would see God and he was right. we moved again towards Skeels Mi. I had quit or was removed from the machine shop and collected unemployment and here is where I made the biggest mistake in life , at the unemployment office they asked if I were looking for work and I said no because I was going to school full time and claimed that I was working towards a better job. . this threw the debate into court and for a couple of months the only income came from me repairing electronic things like tv radio cb etc. we could not pay rent but when I went back to the unemployment office I said that I was looking for work because summer was coming and I could take a break from work. they paid me back pay and I paid the back rent but the man told me that he had to go and get the receipt book , I paid back rent plus 2 months ahead . he never came back with the receipt and I was served with eviction notice for non payment of rent. This house was full of rats when we went to move in but I sat for a week all night and shot the rats till they were all gone, I then dug a trench 20 ft. x 20 ft 6 ft. deep and filled it with garbage and burnt it , the first time we were going to ignite it by pouring a gallon of gas on it and setting off a rocket. the rocket did not fire so after finding the problem we poured more gas on the fire and when the rocket did go off the explosion sent fir 30 ft. into the air and we found out later that a picture window ¼ mile away shattered. we were all blown backwards