I bouught a motorcycle , a 1970 650 cc bsa along with Mark Bender . my brother borrowed it and adjusted the brakes for me but I did not know that . I went to put on the front brake to slow down a bit and the front wheel locked up and over I went. I wound up going to the hospital and there was an 18 year old nurse aid named Nancy who gave very good back rubs. we wound up dating and partying , I bought a mobile home in Mt. Clemens , we were married December 11 1970 despite the fact that my mother told Nancy to not marry me because I was no good. . I quit blue cross when I ran the report for the I.R.S. that showed non profit or it showed non profit for that one day after buying property and items to get to a negative profit , those items were then sold for a profit . I thought that was not quite honest so I left and worked for Jim Robbins seat belt company in Mt. Clemens Michigan and there while running reports I saw a 3 million dollar payment to Washington lobbyists the same year that the seat belt law was passed. I was still working on computers at that time , I was experimenting with maximizing the computer by running more than one job at a time using the disk and tapes for sorting , the printer for writing checks and the cpu for processing. there were 2 shifts running and I brought that down to one 4 hour shift , so computer time was sold and we went back up to 2 -8 hour shifts. I asked for a raise to 1 weeks profit that my efforts had generated, I was told no because I would be making more than the department head. again not appreciated. Nancy had our first child , Jennifer on October 2nd 1971 at the hospital where she had worked, she taped a big 2 inch wide zipper to her big belly for instant access to the baby. being disgusted with Allied Chemical (formally Jim Robbins) policy of raises , they said that it was their computer that I developed the processes that I did not deserve a raise, I left for 3 days and they came to me and said that I could have a raise , it was too late and I quit and took the knowledge with me, they could figure it out because I left the programs stacked Nancy and I decided , although I decided to move to Gladwin county where I had lived for a while after Oregon. with George Stinger who gave me a 1958 Chevy that he tore apart , he said there is your car here are my tools and a Chilton manual for that car. I did get it to run and move down the road. that was a great thing for him to do , I learned much from that. In Beaverton we lived for a while with a friend , Frank Johnson, a colored man who was like a father to me , he had a garden plot laid out the year before and bought a piglet and put it in the future garden, come spring the plot would be tilled and fertilized , the pig would go into the freezer and the garden had to be raked and planted. Frank was a brick mason and would build fireplaces with stone , he gathered stones built a big fire around them and the rocks that did not crack or explode would be used for fireplaces.