Tower bus
Tower bus was a miracle for me that went from 1979 till 1995 I drove somewhere around 2 million miles all over North America. I took tourists to many places around North America , learning about the history of the U.S. and Canada. the knowledge of geology came after I noticed that the rocks were different from one area to another. I have learned much about people having taken every cultural , ethnic , spiritual group combined with having taken a year of psychiatric nursing , I can say that most people are the same and the differences are minor untill there are people who are “ RIGHT” and will not allow any other possibilities other than what they consider to be what is reality weather or not it is in reality , that is called mental illness. In driving a bus I had to be strong because the hours were horrendous , the longest day was 36 hours and the longest week was 144 hours while driving two buses down the east coast with a friend , one night we ran into an ice storm while driving through Vermont mountains , the state police pulled us ,2 buses, over and told us that the road was closed , I said that we needed a place to put 90 + people with food, he said well we will keep track of you , so at 5 miles an hour we proceeded through Vermont at the Canadian border we were waved through and when we hit the 401 we went to the first rest area, a man walked out of the bus and almost fell and told me that he was glad that the roads were better, I looked at him and said the road is 50 feet away , what makes you think it is any different. the workers there were stranded because of the ice, A salt truck showed up and told me that they have been waiting for us , he put salt down and told us to wait ½ hour before driving on . There have been so many great groups that this was such a great position to be in , after Marianne and I became partners we took as many 2 bus movements that we could , I had prayed for church groups and that prayer was answered in abundance . I had driven for most sports groups like all of the nba, nfl , part of the nhl , then most world class orchestra’s , many bands which included the rat pack Genisis. Kiss, Mitch Miller Band , funny Girl , the chorus line and many more Marianne and I had a great life until she was killed by a drunk driver new years eve 1992 on her way home at 7:30 pm After Marianne’s death I found it hard to drive and did not drive much after that