Tower bus
I joined Tower bus and drove a school bus for the winter and was trained on a 40 ft. bus for at least 2 hours and then the next day drove over the mountain on I-75 at Jellico Tennessee that was very scary. From that point on if a trip was greater than 6oo miles we would drive a car to a point that was 500 miles from the destination or like going thousands of miles it would be drive take motel bus would come , drive 10 hours get motel take car 10 hours get motel bus comes drive 10 hours on and on it goes . At times we would drive the 10 hours to a city then tour for another 10 hours or so drive to a monument sit for a while drive to another monument , drive to dinner , drive to a play on and on it goes, some days were very long. There are stories of every trip some great some not so great I have learned so much history as well as the knowledge of people. I doing this I grew up and became who I am . I have been vetted by the FBI because I came close to the white house and have at times taken parts of the presidents cabinet, and their security with big guns and have been vetted by the Israel equivalent of the FBI for taking the Israel philharmonic and the Popes security because we were close to the pope while handling the church higher ups , on all of these dogs searched the buses . I have not been to British Columbia , Mexico or Washington state in my career. I have been in every community in metro Detroit and found only one bad area in Del Ray around old fort Wayne, even there there was an elder lady whose house was painted well and she had flowers all over , around her were abandoned houses and deprivation, I had to admire her . Phil Collins and I had a talk about fog , that group was from London and I accused them of bringing London fog with them , apparently there was no fog in London , it was smog that is gone since they enforced pollution rules . that was encouraging news for me to hear.