we have been in all 48 contiguous states and most Canadian provinces and have collected rocks in most but not all there have been some store bought rocks that were locally mined we spent a week in Maine at Poland mining camp where we were brought to a different mine each day . when we left for home there were rocks from floor to window in the back seat and our tires were bulging for the rest of the 2000 miles home through the eastern most point of the US. then north across the end of the Gaspe peninsula taking a ship to Quebec , through Quebec city and Montreal. we have belonged to a group from Mt. Clemens that took geology trips around eastern America we have a 25 x 8 ft series of shelves in the basement with some fine rocks on them , we also have shelves in the kitchen area and around our pond are many rocks some big some small there are rocks everywhere in the back yard sometimes we go and rediscover rocks that we have forgotten about we have rubies , emeralds copper tin, iron aluminum and quarts in several colors