It was in 1977 when Donalt Terry Smith and I took a trip through thu upper Michigan and found old mines , The rocks were different than any that I have seen , I took a few and that was the beginning of a life long quest for knowledge of geology. I started driving an interstate tour bus traveling around the U.S. and Canada in 1980 . I began to notice that the rocks were different from one area to another and I had a quest for knowing why , I took samples from different areas and studied them , finding out why and how they developed , this made me an armature Geologist or rockhound . Peggy loved the rocks and fell into rockhounding with me , this is an adult easter egg hunt. we collect from old quarries and mine dumps above is a part of our collections . I have read many books on geology , rocks and minerals, and gemology . My greatest moment was when a man in Pearl Ontario north of Thunder Bay Ontario when the owner of a mine allowed me into hi mine which was maybe 20 ft.high and wide , it was an underground river and was coated all around with huge amethyst crystals , amethyst is silicone dioxide with inclusions of iron to give it color sio2 where si03 with inclusions of chromium give the ruby its color. sio2 is quarts . we were in Maine for a week at Poland mining camp in Poland Maine , we were taken to a different mine every day , we were at an emerald mine on the top of a mountain where we had to walk on black tourmaline at the top of this mountain there was layered earth coming up and turning around and going back down , this was a visual representative of continental collision’s mountain building forces. we did bring home a few poor emeralds, we also have poor rubies and sapphires . as part of our collection. we drove home from Maine with rocks in the back seat from floor to window , the tires were bulging for all of the 2000 miles home through Canada . This was not the first nor last time we filled the car to bulging tires. We have had much fun in our collecting rocks we wind up looking down a lot while walking with hammer and chisel.