Marie divorced me while I was recovering from surgery, I returned to work around thanksgiving 1998. I worked harder than I should have after surgery and hurt myself by lifting too much and doing too much . I had to take a leave from work in early February . My health became bad , I was in pain all the time and could do very little. I had to buy kitty litter in 10 lb. bags for that was all i could carry. The doctor said that the condition was Chronic due to back injury and removal of intestines , I had to learn to live with it I was borrowing money from home equity to pay bills. I am a Christian facing an eternity of heavenly bliss. In this life I have been knocked down, gotten up, knocked down gotten up, knocked down------ I am weakened now physically , emotionally , spiritually and I have had enough. I have not the patience of Job, the strength of Danial nor the wisdom of Solomon . I do not want blessings only to have them stripped away. I do not want to be knocked down any more , this time I don’t even want to get up.. Later in mid 1999 I decided to give my all to God despite the attacks from satan and went back to painting . In the painting of John 10:9 , in the upper left area of the painting a face appeared but I did not put it there at least not consciously. In June I was hospitalized my body was cleaning itself out , nothing was going in or out . I had a partial blockage which finally resolved, I was given antibiotics and lots of liquid , after a week I felt great. I bought a nice car and went to an old mining territory and spent a week collecting rocks. On July 1st , my birthday, I sat on a mountain top , in an old corundum mine a bit southwest of Ottawa and looked out over God’s creation. there was a lake about 20 miles away which was maybe 5 miles of a wide spot in the river. I looked down and in between my feet was a real nice full crystal of corundum a red corundum is called a ruby , a blue one is called a sapphire , this one is black or dark green and is called emery and is used for sandpaper the hardness is 9 the only thing stronger is diamond. This beautiful crystal is a rare find , at such a low spot in my life I took this find as a message from God that all is well and from then on I had peace in my heart. I felt great and talked to my employer about returning to work and was received with open arms. Mom became ill and died a week later she was heavely sedated and died in her sleep. she is now with Marianne and Dad in heaven and all with Jesus, My body is not doing well . I am a handyman for a builder doing home finishing and warranty work, I am also a resident artist as such I painted a bathroom with fish on the walls , shipwrecks near the floor and the bottom of a boat on the ceiling with two faces looking down . I love what I do using my head and hands in a servants role. I am painting a bit now but all of a sudden I became very busy which is a normal pattern when I go to paint . Because of that corundum crystal I have perfect faith in God.
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