after navy
I left the Navy in San Francisco and took a taxi to Lebanon Oregon Deanna Argast ,who was from Wisconsin now in Oregon. I saw Pine trees with the lowest branches that were 30 ft. up. I went back to Michigan for a short time and then out to Los Angeles with a friend from the Nave , then north to San Francisco and wound up at Height Ashbury with Timothy Leary , I became a flower child , free to be me a poet who is not mocked. I met a Homeless person who showed me how to get food by getting saved at various churches ,( I wonder if all those prayers eventually led me to actually coming to Jesus) say yes I believe and then food came. he also taught me how to beg for coins, . this man begged 3 hours every day but he had a nice apartment , great stereo and a new Lincoln . he had a box of dirt that he put on and boots that did not match , he looked pathetic and people out of the goodness of their hearts threw money at him, what a deal , I saw him in Atlanta Georgia 25 years later still looking pathetic but his eyes were tiny like he is ready to die , skin tone wrinkled and pale he played the game so long that it took him away. I did beg for a short time but felt as if it were dishonest so I went back to Michigan and partied for a while. then settled down , had a job making transformers at Dresser electric co. while going to R.E.T.S. electronic school in Detroit. Dresser made an electric car that they drove to Washington DC. but had to plug it in overnight to get home . the car worked well , it was a small car running on lead acid batteries, Congress would not allow the car to be produced because it would destroy the oil industry , dresser also made a machine for painting cars using voltage like 12 volts at 1400 amps , the paint would paint the metal glean through. the car companies would not use this because they wanted the cars to rust , they calculated the rust rate and made enough parts to last up to 10 years as replacements. My cousin Fred secured a position for me at R.L.Polk co. running big I.B.M. 1401 , 360/30 / 50 computers 2 rows of dials 0-9 many big tape drives , card reader as well as huge disk drives. I then went to work at bluce cross blue shield at Cadillac square then in the new building in greek town. it was around this time that I started smoking pot , at polk I had a brief case with a bottle of rum, a bottle of coke and a glass or 2 ;I bought a motorcycle and went a bit wild. tie during day leather at night.