when I met an angel
It was a chilly night in Chicago with an expected low of 40 in 1990 , the group that I had was an art class from Lanse Cruse High school in Mt. Clemens Mi. after touring the Chicago art museum we went to the Sears Tower at the corner of S. Wacker and Jackson. I was parked on the south or right hand side of Jackson so that I could see into the glass doors leading into the building. At that time there was an empty space on that corner with an unobstructed view. with a ¼ mile of roadeay behind the bus. As I looked towards the Sears Tower I saw what appeared to be a homeless man lying on a grate that had steam coming out of it. I knew as fact that people can die at temperatures of 40 or below. I ascertained that this man was in serious trouble that night , my personal code of ethics dictated that if I wer aware then I am responsible so I went and asked him if he would like to sit in the bus and get warm, he did want to so we went in and I put on the windshield defrosters and told him where to put his hands , his name was Chris from Puerto Rico . I told Chris that the temperature was going to be deadly cold and gave him $15.00 which was half of what I had and told him to get a room . I told Chris that when the group came back that he would have to leave , in a little while he said that he had to go now , at that second I looked into the building and saw the first person enter the view , I turned around to ask Chris how he knew that the group was coming , HE WAS GONE, I got out of the bus and looked for him , there was ¼ mile in all directions that I could see but he was gone and there was no possible way that he could have gotten that far in the less than one minute that has passed since he said that he had to leave. There is no explanation for his disappearance my only conclusion is that I had met an angel and had passed an angelic test of heart towards loving one another . although I felt as if I had been cheap and given only ½ of what I had . I have been in many cities while driving a bus and was well acquainted with people who make their living off of the generosity of good people , keep in mind that they are making a living in a manner that is not easy and never stable , I rarely give to these people unless I see a need and once a need is seen I can not unsee it and must do what I can to meet that need so I rarely give to anyone , I never made more than enough to just pay for my children’s needs, Many times my food came from Mcdonalds when I brought a group in to eat , they always gave me whatever I wanted. so giving ½ of what I had was a big deal. but I felt very good that I did what I must do to one in trouble .