Therese and I met in church , I called her sweet Therese I fell in love with her , she was so very nice and treated me very well , and we married , We were married for at least a day when she changed and there was no part of me that she liked except that I could repair TV’s which she brought some TV’s home for me to fix for her friends , she had so many friends. I was driving a bus during the day and weekends , and working in a tv shop part time and then fixing Terries friends TV’s at night. I worked long hours and never made enough money to please her. The man who owned the Tv shop went through a divorce and asked me if I would take it over , I was willing to drive buses morning and afternoon and repair TV’s in the late morning and at night. I asked Therese if she would answer phones while I was driving and she told me that she was a wife, not a secretary and if I wanted a secretary I would have to hire one. She had told me to get a job at the ford plant making seats , very specific yet I could not do repetition work day after day , I told her that I could not do that and she said that I was smart of course I could do it but it was because I was smart that I needed challenge . since getting married I was abused for 3 hours every day , I would be fixing her friends TV’s and she would be telling me everything that was wrong with me and at the end of these episodes I would say “ you have just told me what is wrong with me , now what is right about me ?” she never answered that but over a year she systematically rejected every aspect of who I am. At the same time I trained Marianne Carducci on a run to Ann Arbor and East Lansing we talked much and I related how frustrated I was fot the abuse from Therese, we became too close . After 6 months straight of Terries daily abuse and me asking what is right about me I decided to leave and Marianne let me move in with her. it must be said that I did not leave Terry for Marianne I left Terry because of her abuse. Since I had minimum rent I was able to pay all of terries bills including trash pickup and money for food when we did get divorced I was ordered to pay x amount but it was not enough for her to prosper. I kept paying 2 x the amount ordered till her car broke and while fixing it My back went out and I could not work for over a month , I asked if I could pay only what was needed and she told me that I had to pay what i owed , so I did . it was less than what was needed for that month. It angered her so much that she took me to court for not paying child support. I brought every check duplicate and the lady at child protection was amazed and asked what is she complaining about, I told her the discussion, the end result was that the child support was raised to half of the extra that I was giving and was told to not give her one dime more. keeping in mind that I was also paying support for my first 3 Children. Marianne and I were very compatible , her first husband did not let her grow and she was proud that she was driving a “greyhound “ style bus and I supported her 100%