As far back as I can remember I have read science and math books and played with electricity and chemicals . I have studied how the electron acts on an atomic level. Quantum physics deal with the light given off when an atom has been given energy input that raises the atoms outer electron to a higher energy level and that electron is not in a stable configuration and consequentially collapses downward to the natural energy level ( distance from atom’s nucleus} the distance between layers will match the wavelength of a color , that light is called a quanta of light. there are many quantum theories that dictate different realities and I am not fond of those theories. There is an energy “particle” called a quark , the quark is an energy state , when 3 quarks collide equal parts of matter and anti matter are produced. this is the point where energy to mass happens when matter and anti matter collide , 3 quarks are produced. I know that God is real , part of the proof is the quark trilogy , Father, Son ,Holy Ghost. In studying science I know that science relies on proof and if proof positive is not presented then the study is labeled as a theory. such as the ELECTRON theory even though we have measured the electrons weight and charge over 100 years ago, the atom is considered a theory but evolution is considered as fact by many even though there is no PROOF of evolving from one species to another , the only “proof “ given is time and magically with enough time one species will evolve into another. The science of climate change is a true science , looking at all aspects of how we have seriously altered the planets ability to repair itself of our man made pollutants . I study geology , mineralogy , basically how the earth is made Christians “ believe” that the earth was created 6000 years ago , in 1620 archbishop James Ussher calculated from the ages given in the bible that the number would be 6000 years ago 0r 4004 b.c 0n October 23 at 9 am , these people dismiss all facts that contradict this number, truth is that our solar system is 14+ billion years old and our planet is 3.5 billion years old. Ussher forgot to include from the bible that a day to the Lord is like a thousand years ( 1000 was the largest number at that time) and that Caine was kicked out from his family after killing his brother Able and he went to a city and took a bride , how old was she and her family etc. etc. I am a Christian and know God and know science , Science is a study of HOW GOD did it . those who do not think science is valid , have their head in the sand and are just too lazy to read more than one book which is the word of God but not the only word of God.