political views
It is now October 2020 with an election in 3 ½ weeks. we have a president that lies and bullies and is doing both in hyper mode , I have voted for the democratic candidate because I do not like bullying or lying. The congress is not functioning because the republican senate leader will not allow bills to come to a vote . we are in the middle of a pandemic with the covid 19 virus and 217000 people have died because the leader of the free world has claimed that the virus was a hoax and that we do not need to wear masks . I have thought that the congress was dedicated to the uplifting of our country cooperating with both sides of the aisle , that they were congress people who put country above party. Right now the republicans are in control and the things that are being done and not being done . Violence is growing partly because the virus has caused many to lose their jobs and partly because of white supremest policies being supported by the current president and cabinet. I think that as of now our country is in big trouble . perhaps this is part of a development of a global government which would require the destruction of governments around the globe. free market business people would like to control it all which is against our constitution and is the republican focus as of now., I think that a free market is good but should not be so free. the voters are primarily voting based on the word choice thinking that it means abortion on demand up to birth. that is not true but is advertised , My personal belief is that I am for life but that includes the life of a mother who could die unless an abortion is performed, I know of a woman who had an emergency abortion , the child was 2 ½ lbs. and lives now as a teenager. her life mattered. there was a woman in Michigan was taken to a hospital that had religious connections and while the discussion of morality of abortion commenced both mother and child perished. the religious people held their heads high and prided themselves for being pro life , perhaps the mother should have crawled back into the womb. I have come to know that those who say pro life really mean pro birth , if they were truly pro life they would have no choice but to choose choice. Abortions should be rare and the number of mother and baby deaths should be zero. I pray for our president as president and as a person as well as all of congress and our country.