I was very ill after an operation in 1999 when Betty Borak who worked at Tony’s market asked if I wanted to walk with her and friends for exercise and I did on one night as we were walking she asked if I would like to meet a friend of hers who thought like I did . and I said OK. Peggy was washing her floor and came for a walk, we started talking and she told me of a book she was reading about the life of a blind man and how she felt for the blind man , I thought that this woman can see through the eyes of a blind man , she looks past the surface . A week later she came to my house and brought her trumpet and played it for me while I was painting a picture of Jesus in a waterfall directing water into cups being held by a couple at the base of the waterfall there were two Jesus figures as well as two angels hiding in the rocks , there is also the face of God near the top left near a deer , I did not put it there . Peggy and I became great friends and were Married in July 27th 2002 , we remain great friends , travel , collecting minerals and visiting gardens are our main activities aside from playing dulcimers which we have done since july 1st 2009 , the day after Peggy retired from the library in Port Huron as the branch coordinator, she was the number 2 or 3 person in the library system she was over 9 satellite libraries. Peggy is actually Margaret Ellen Grace Guoin she has 5 children with her husband Dennis who perished a car accident in 1996 she had no grandchildren when we met , as of now there are 12 as well as me having another 12 ½ plus 2 great grandchildren add to that 9 spouses . Peggy also has 2 sister in laws one which accused me of stalking her and stealing shoes for my children but my daughters are much smaller than her . she told Peggy’s daughter what she believed and she and her husband came over and told Peggy that I was no good while I was sitting there . this almost caused us to part because I will not be abused anymore , counseling helped and her daughter backed off after we went to a lawyer so that if Peggy died since this is her house and her families inheritance that I would not be homeless . I have done much work on this house and grounds raising its value greatly. we do not intend to ever move so the improvements are for us and not about money. we are in the process of dealing with the virus pandemic and we are doing well Peggy’s hobby is her gardens it keeps her very busy and I do art work build string instruments and repair just about anything that can be repaired , we are not too bothered by this virus other than not being able to see the children \ children Together we have been to every state except Florida since we have both been there and can not find a reason to go there, we have also been to every province in Canada except British Columbia , Alberta and the Arctic circle. in 2018 Peggy was reunited with a daughter that she gave up at birth in San Francisco , she is 51 while Peg was 74