neurons firing I have seen pictures of how neurons firing weather they were computer generated or actual photos is unknown to me either way this is how I see it . I had studied psychiatric nursing for a year and studied people for most of my life. I have a serious question of where does thought occur , my conclusion is that it is throughout the whole body from toes to head . I have studied electronics and signal transmission it is found that the electron moves at 3 meters per second but the information travels at the speed of light. case in point on a transmitter you talk into a microphone , speech is moving air at a very slow speed , it is converted into an electrical signal with electrons moving at 3 mps it goes to an antenna and then moves at the speed of light. this is my vision of our bodies which is a touch turns into an electric signal that goes through a chemical transmission across the synapses to the next neuron. my thoughts are that it is quite possible that it could act like electronic signals