Marlette michigan 2009
I was asked If I could paint something that would glorify Christ in Marlette Michigan. this is on the south side of a building at the corner of Van Dyke 1 block south of the light in downtown Marlette, I started by painting the face of Jesus with halo around head t topf building and left it atand for a week to get public reactions which were all good , the rest of the mural is historical of Marlette in 1909 , Jesus is see through about 15 ft. tall . There is a lake in the mural which is no longer there because a 4 year old child drowned and they filled in the lake and diverted the river that fed it. Peggy helped me when she could this was 60 miles from home . the owner of the building payed for the paint and 5 gallons of gas every day I went , I did not charge for the glory of God