Marie had two children who played at Lanse Cruse North , I had a group from a different school that could afford a big bus , Marie came to me and talked for a while , she was with Rufus Jones, and she was telling me how abusive he was , later he called me the devil for taking up with her. Marie came to my house in Richmond and wanted to stay , then she wanted to have me hold her in bed , that went on for a couple of weeks before my loneliness came over me and we had sex , according to my morality that was marriage , Marianne had been gone for a year and I was lonely . Marie and I Married in July 1994 and she wanted to move because the house was Marianne’s and mine , my son Jacob and her girls looked for houses and when we saw a house on Belle River rd. in Memphis they wanted it so we put a bid on it and put my house up for sale the same day I needed to borrow $25000 for the princess Anne house in Memphis and the house in Richmond sold 2 hours before the closing of the house in Memphis , I took that as a sign from God . Marie and her mother owned a shoe store in Mt. Clemens and it did not take long before she tired of the drive , we had to take out loans on our house , to help with her shop and we owed over $100000 when Marie found another man to help her , we were married for just over a year when she left. I was so very angry at women as well as extremely depressed , my daughter called me and was just telling me everything that was wrong with me I told her that here I was wanting to shoot myself and she was abusing me , soon the state police pulled up and asked me if I said that , I tried to explain why but soon an ambulance took me to a mental facility which I had to spend a day at but I was so angry that I could lose my Job at Pheonix construction so they let me go and my live in son came and got me. I stayed at Phoenix till a cardiologist would not sign a back to work form and I became unemployed and disabled 20 days after meeting Peggy on January 20th 2000