Marianne and I were great friends , we traveled together as often as we could , she had bus #202 and I had #203 each with 6 TV’s she bought a house in Richmond , it was a mid 1800’s farm house tree stumps were what the house was built on and it was the oldest house on the street. there was a barn shaped house across the street and was the barn for that farm. I bought a table saw and made a hobby room for Marianne upstairs rebuilt the bedroom making a closet under the stairs. and took two little rooms and made a bathroom/ laundry 12 ft. wide and 16 ft. long . and it was beautiful . Marianne had a tumor in her uterus which required emergency surgery , I rebuilt the origional bathroom so that it would be sterile for when she came home and then finished the new bathroom We both worked many hours so we either drove , worked on house , cut grass or shoveled snow . We had an incredible life together until she was killed by a drunk driver at 7;30 new years eve 1992 the man who killed her had no one and nothing but a house , he got drunk to kill his loneliness and he killed her also