I have been fascinated by the electron for as long as I can remember , this knowledge of how the electron acts is vital in designing or repairing any electronic device. I have built transmitters , receivers and amplifiers starting with huge tubes like the 5u4 and 6L6. I was around when transistors were developed from a quarts crystal and two elements glued to it . and I was in college when the first microchips were developed , at that time I did not see the chips as valid , was I wrong , at the same time light emitting diodes and liquid crystals were developed, . at that time in 1975 I envisioned a tv that could be hung on a wall , what I envisioned was more like a screen that could roll up. I have been to 3 electronic courses at R.E.T.S. electronic school on west grand blvd. Detroit , Devry institute of electronics . Chicago Ill. a mail order course which included building a 25 inch color tv ( the largest at the time) and then a course at Mid Michigan community college in Harrison Michigan I have worked in a shop that made transformers and an electric car which drove to Washington DC. , plugged it in overnight and drove home , congress would not allow production of this car in the late 1960’s. this shop also made a device that could ram paint into metal which would make metal that could not rust. I worked in a shop repairing tv’s and the owner was experimenting with radar guided automobile. in 1978. I have built my own computers since the 8086 chip was developed. I had my son Jacob make his own computer from components. I am good at house and auto wiring and have wired a factory with 440 v, a bus had a fire in the engine compartment the wire harness was replaced by 144 +/- wires. the bus would start but not run, it was looked at by the bus , engine and transmission manufacturers for 3 weeks but they could not find the problem, for Tower bus I had repaired all of the in bus tv’s so they asked me to look at it ,. I had been working all day and when I went to the garage to look at it I asked for the books , I asked the mechanic to please go and get a coffee , the closest coffee was 4 miles away. I applied my knowledge of signals to the problem and by the time coffee arrived I had it running . I have been fascinated by the quanta light emission from energy input into an electron and the rise and collapse of energy shells. learning about the quark brings spirituality into science