My wife Peggy Guoin retired from the library on June 30 2009 , we , on my birthday July 1 2009 the day after Peggy retired , we started taking lessons at the library in Algognac Mi. on the dulcimer and joined a group called “the Riverstrings” consisting of 27 people with 2 violins , 3 guitars , ukulele ,also spoons ,bongo drums , washboard, and harmonica . it is now October 2020 , the group is not playing with a full compliment at this time due to the covid virus. We have played many concerts mainly to raise money for groups or just to play in various churches , we thoroughly enjoyed doing that. I began building dulcimers and possum boards which the dulcimers sat in with only the edges being supported so that the back can move better and make a better sound , I have made a dulcimer for Peggy out of the wood from the old mill in Memphis because that is where she lived while growing up. I have also built a baritone dulcimer for her . I have built over 20 dulcimers as well as an electric Cello and an electric Viola and have repaired 3 violins as of now. I also have a mandolin , keyboard , piano , and a set of kahone drums made out of ¼ 1nd ⅛ plywood. I can play 2 songs on all of those instruments , 2 is not a large number but I am slow in all aspects of my life. I have a shirt showing 20 elements which make up the chemical formula of people , proportions for an adult, that is on the front of the shirt and on the back is a big + sign , a big picture of a dulcimer an = sign and then the words ME.