climate change
Global warming has been around for a long time. At one point this planet was totally covered with ice and was called “ snowball earth” , we can all thank God that the weight of the ice cracked the earth and created enough volcanoes that put enough carbon in the atmosphere to cause global warming and the frozen earth thawed so that we can exist today. At the end of the Permian era 251 million years ago 95% of all species on the earth were destroyed by Global warming which was caused mainly by a volcano in Siberia that lasted for over 1000 years and put too much carbon into the atmosphere. Ice formed over time with air bubbles when analyzed show that when there is too much carbon in the atmosphere there is global warming and when there is not enough there is global cooling. Our planet is very delicate science study has proven that . to say that we , mankind , has not contributed to an imbalance by the amount of carbon that we have put into the atmosphere is to deny reality. we each contribute carbon into the atmosphere , multiply that by 7 billion and it amounts to a lot of carbon into a delicate atmosphere. I conclude that those who deny climate change just do not want to admit that they have a role and can then deny any responsibility . I can admit that I have done damage by driving , heating the house and just living life. I also see that our society has evolved to one where we all have to drive everywhere we go , our cities are not designed for walking for everything you need with the exception of large cities with mass transit . where I live is 30 miles from a big city there is only car to get all of the stuff I need. I know that if you inject any powdered carbon based material into a hot fire at high speed and the material is fully consumed in other words clean coal van be a reality. Nuclear energy can be safe if the fuel is coated in ceramic, in the 70’s a reactor in a Scandinavian country coated the fuel in ceramics and lowered the water from the reactor and the reactor actually shut down and did not melt down unfortunately it was not profitable so it was not pursued , thinking about what has happened in 3 mile island , Chernobyl and Fukashima and the cost of those accidents that did not have to happen if it were not for profit. I understand that profit is required to keep things going but in retrospect was there any profit made if you subtract the costs of the meltdowns.