Christian views
My Christian views are quite simple I KNOW that God is a reality . I BELIEVE that Jesus is the only born of woman , son of God My savior . salvation is easy I confessed my sins and asked for forgiveness , Jesus said that he would forgive our sins and he has , nothing else is required to gain access to heaven. I was baptized because Jesus was baptized and I have no idea what that means to God but it is a public proclamation of your faith in Jesus as savior . I doubt that baptism is required to enter heaven because the thief on the cross was not baptized and Jesus said that he would join him in paradise. I know that God is a real entity yet I can not even imagine His /Her identity this is explained in my writing of how I came to KNOW God , I do believe that Jesus is who he says he is. I truly believe in the story of creation BUT to me that occurred 14.5 billion years ago not the 6000 years as many Christians do . I have a painting that is 5 ft. tall and 12 ft wide showing the words that came from God in the bible as well as the words from the “ big bang theory “ they are crossing each other in a double helix configuration . this is done to show that the process is the same but the wording has to change to period of time instead of day ‘ BOTH THE BIBLE AND THE BIG BANG THEORY ARE CORRECT AND IDENTICAL. I am an amateur geologist who studies how the earth was built and call myself and Peggy , “rock-hounds” , we have collected minerals from all over north America. the rocks cry out , the earth is very old for those insistant on 6000 year theory , go to the grand canyon and count the layers and explain how that many layers formed and how and then how they were worn down all in 6000 years but those sediments are at least partially sea bottom sediments. I am a catholic in the universal sense of the word, I can give allegiance to no one organization even the flag of the U.S. because I have given me to Jesus first and Peggy second and if there is a conflict between Peggy and Jesus , Jesus gets the dedication before Peggy , country third . I do not believe that the pope is infallible because he is a man , even thought the power of the pope has been passed on from Paul to the present pope it has been by vote of Cardinals and not by one pope to another by physical contact. and is therefore a tradition and not a fact. I was within 1 ft. from pope John Paul in Detroit and I FELT power from him as he passed. he is defiantly close to God. I think that if someone serves God their whole life yet do not know Jesus , at the moment of death , Jesus will be there saying , let me introduce myself ------