birth control
Birth control is a sensitive subject where most people want all or nothing as far as abortions are concerned , the word choice to most means abortion on demand yet to me means that there are times when an abortion is demanded by reality. such as when the mother could die. or if a 12 year old was raped by her father , I am certain that there are many other circumstances that would qualify. As for all those babies that were never born , they were never born with original sin so they bypass this place and go straight to heaven or perhaps jump into another fetus but that is a whole another conversation of when does the soul come?? I do not know and neither does anyone just like they do not know when life begins although they want to think they know it all especially if some religious person tells them when , how etc. etc. Many say that life begins at conception , I have a hard time with that statement because no one knows what life is leave alone when it begins. I have heard that birth control methods are considered abortions because they are against God’s will , how do they know that is against God’s will ??? perhaps God had birth control methods developed for his purposes . maybe those people just want to seem important. I personally think that after two abortions the woman’s tubes should be tied in a manner that they can be untied if she really wanted a baby As of now there are over 7 billion people on this planet with the population doubling every 35 or 40 years and there is a maximum this planet can hold and that is roughly 14 billion. there i a shortage of material planet wide because we are running out . there is food shortage due to population growth in my grandparents time there were a dozen babies per couple , my parents dropped that down to half a dozen and now due to economics 2 is a popular number. God gave us the responsibility of watching over our planet and that would require us teaching our children about population control . we have not done that by example since Peggy had 5 children and I had 4 , we each have 12 grandchildren and I have 2 great grandchildren that is a total of 35 , we would need a greyhound bus to transport all of them and add 9 spouses that adds to 44 , the bus that I drove carried 47. I have been told that God would control population by causing war or plague., I do not believe that God of love would use death as a means although man would use war or a virus to kill people like Trump has done. wouldn’t it be easier to just use birth control. I