How I came to the knowledge of God
I believe that it was 1978, but it could have been 1979, that I had visited a very good friend of mine.
         I lived in Romeo Michigan and my friend lived in a mobile home park at 27 mile road and county line road.She lived east of county line rd. which put her in St. Clair county.
        At that time I had a 1959 austin healey sprite as my car, and for my favorite form of travel I had a lightweight ,ross, 27 in. bicycle. I loved that bicycle but I gave it to a friend in 2010 because my back was in such bad shape it would not allow me to even get on that bicycle.
       On this day I had ridden my bicycle the roughly 20 miles to my friends house and we discussed our relationship and came to a logical conclusion that we had to back off a bit because she had two young children and I had very little money and since the probability of me earning enough money to pay child support as well as providing for her and her two children were very slim, For her childrens sake we decided to remain good friends and not pursue a deeper relationship.
         I was on my way home when I was stopped by the police in Richmond Michigan
for riding my bicycle without a headlight at roughly 2 a.m. .
After a routine check it was found out that there was a warrent for my arrest for not paying an equiptment violation ticket for having a cracked windshield.
        I had that car for one day ,which was enough to get me and all of my belongings to my sisters house in East Detroit Michigan. I have been in the metro Detroit since that day.
        The county sherrif came and transported me to the county jail in Mt. Clemens Michigan and then a state police man from the state police post in Caro Michigan came from Caro to Mt. Clemens ant took me to Caro to go trial the next day.
          It was 5 or six A.M. when I finally laid down on a stone slab in the Tuscola county jail. A piece of paper hit me in the nose so I picked it up and read it.
   This paper was a bible verse from first Corrinthians which was all about love. I wanted to read the book that had as much wisdom as myself so I began to read the Bible. That was over 30 years ago and I am very convinced that God is real, His son is Jesus ,I am a saved soul and the Bible is the Word of God.
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