I believe that I was 16 going on 17 when I went into the navy. I signed up for electronic tech but instead of going to electronics school I wound up chipping paint on" L.S.T. 1170"
The U.S.S. Windham County in the south pacific sea and it was a very nice thing to happen once you get past the Viet-Nam runs or that nasty typhoon we went through .
I did a lot of growing up on that boat , I went to Japan and after learning what the bar scene was about I did learn a bit about the real culture , it was certainly differant than ours but in reality after I saw what was in the hearts of the people I found out that they were just like me , later on during my bus driver days I learned that all people are basically all the same.
The Typhoon that we were in almost sank the ship, there were 5 rips in the hull and we would have sunk if we did not have ballast tanks to control the depth that we ran at .
In Viet Nam I saw bodies blown up or cut in half by machine guns. I dodged bullets as a jet pland dive bombed our ship. I saw napalm (a jelly that is on fire) dropped and burn everything in sight.
we went up river to Saigon and it was creepy yet uneventful.
The ship that I was on carried tanks etc in the main hold . the front doors opened up and we would go full blast towards a beach and get grounded. a huge ramp would come down and the tanks would roll out. and then the bullets would come and war would commence.
we were the lucky ones we were able to hide behind steel.
most of the time on the ship was watching the dolphins and flying fish. while chipping paint and then painting the ship over and over.
near land the water was greenish blue but mainly green.
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