After nancy and Therese
After Nancy left I had a period of hard times and gradually life returned to normal , I had several female friends (one at a time) and even one that could have been serious had I been more open to serious at the time. I had a few jobs that kept me alive , one job was taking care of a farm and that lasted for the remainder of the winter and then the family wanted their summer home back, by then I was repairing t.v. and arcade equiptment and that lasted the summer, in the fall and winter I took care of the pool hall in Gladwin city and took care of the equiptment also. I went to school at Mid Michigan Community college for one semister and then a semister at Central Mi. U.. This was a class on Psyciatric nursing an lpn course.
I had a friend named Donald Terry Smith who had just come home from the marines, He and I went to the Upper Pennisula and I discovered "ROCKS" there was more to the earth than sand and dirt... wow
Don decided to go to school despite his insistance that there was nothing new to learn for him. Ha he went on to community mental health and wound up running the programs near Battle Creak Mi.
As for me I worked as an intern in a mental hospital as a therapist , the experience was not what I wanted for my life and it was about this time that Nancy took my Children south. so I followed.
I lived with my sister In East Detroit actually in the house that I grew up in. It was during this time that I became acutuly aware that My childhood memories were gone for good. Even being in the place that I grew up there were on occasion a thought that would start to come about the past but it would be gone as soon as it came.
I worked for Mark Bender who had been my best friend years earlier, we were drug doing buddies and he now owned a warehouse and several trucks. I delivered appliances around metro detroit. after a year or so I took on a job in Romeo Mi. delivering hot food to the area schools. This was a good job.
At this time my life took some unexpected turns.
I had friends in Mt Clemens Mi. who had been friends while Nancy and I had were newlyweds Linda and Nancy were having first babies together and had them 2 days apert.
Linda was taking art classes andwas getting pretty good at art. Linda told me that "I CAN" be an artist or anything that I wanted to be. I believed her.
During this time I found God by reading the bible and being blown away by reading the "big bang" theory in the first book of the Bible.
God and art same time
after a year of delivering hot lunches the Romeo schools put me into the maintiance dept for the summer.
There was a man that worked there and found out that I knew electronics and asked me if I could help him in his home business of electronics repair, I said that I did not have any equiptment. He said that he would give me the equiptment if I helped him . We aggreed on this and he brought some nice equiptment to me to use as well as a bunch of work to do.
I knew that the equiptment that he gave me was from a manufacturer that only made this equiptment for institutions, this stuff was fairly new and could not be had on the open market. I also knew that the High school was missing many thousands of dollars worth of electronic equiptment.
I saw the quantity of equiptment that this man had and it fit the description of the missing stuff.
I knew that if he were a thief for profit he would have sold that equiptment, I also knew that he felt as if he was not paid what he was worth because he was very intelligent.
I knew in my heart that he was making up his salery by taking what he truly deserved, this man was, in my estimation, quite ill.
I talked to the state police , the judge and community mental health and would not tell them where their equiptment waqs till i has assurances that this man would not go to jail but would be treated as a mentally ill person untill cured.
This took 3 days of not working but finally the high school had it's stuff back. the school system would or could not give me sick pay for those three days and because of that I could not pay my rent so I had to go.
I went to Mt Clemens with a back pack full of clothes, my car had at that time been hit by a car in a parking lot and the frame was bent. winter was coming on , I needed to head south quickly so I gave away my bicycle, said goodby to my friends and headed to florida.
I did not get to the end of the street and was stopped by the police and questioned, since I did not have $400.00 I was arrested for vagrancy.
My friends paid bail for me and I had to hang around for a court date.
While waiting for court , Tower bus called me up and asked if I wanted a job, I felt as if my ooptions were limited and said yes.
Tower Bus and I had a relationship for almost 18 years.
Shortly after starting at Tower I met Therese and I believed her to be the nicest person and I fell in love with her and I was her hero who could do no wrong, we married and had Jacob Michael.
This marriage did not last and I will say that it was my lack of awareness that led to this marriage that should have been avoided
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