Tower bus was a miracle for me and I stayed there for 18 years.
I drove a school bus for a spring and then drove the big busses for over 2 million miles all over the North American continent.
The history that I learned while taking tourists to the various places is immense.
The knowledge about people through observation and hearing gives a great understanding to me.
The knowledge of geology was inspired when I began asking "Why" this area is so differant than that area as I traveled this country and Canada.
Having traveled with every cultural, ethinic and religious group possible I have come to the decision that we are all simply people and all of our differences are very minor, very very minor even though every one wants to be unique.
At Tower Bus I grew up and learned what it is to take responsibility for every action.
A tour bus driver is a position where you are not allowed any mistakes since any mistake could be deadly to many people,
I had prayed to do church work and I did much of that I was blessed to be the servant and leader over so many church groups. Of course there were so many bar groups where people who knew each other as younger people came together and just had to prove how they still could handle "it", I wound up many nights giving door to door service since some could not be safe driving.
Marianne and I took as many two bus moves as we could and it was a wonderful life for us untill she was killed by a drunk driver on New Years eve 1992. after that event I did not drive all that much and in a couple of years left Tower Bus.
The group of drivers at Tower were like family, we trusted each other fully.
I will continue to write about this time in my life as time presents itself. remembering 18 years is a challange since I had done so much in that time
I have met the whole NFL and the NBA some NHL and some baseball.
Almost every world class orchestra, some of the presidents cabinet, many bands and groups such as the Rat pack, KISS, Genisis, the Mitch Miller band, funny girl,The Chorus line and many more
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