this period represents the first 16 years of my life, that time of just being a kid playing with other kids and doing the things that most kids do.This period of life should be written as a multi-volumed series of books yet for me it can be condensed into a few visual memories .
The first is simply spagetti running down a wall as if someone had thrown a handfull full speed at a wall.
The second memory was in the back seat of an old car with fluffy upholstered seats . my sister Sally was sitting to my right , she had a bow in her hair and a white lacy dress . outside the car, the sky was blue and there was a smell of water.
I remember a few scattered events like shooting a bird with a bb gun and there were two or three other boys around and I can not say who shot the gun.
In 6th grade i had a crayon stuck up my nose and had to go to the nurse. I do not remember the event yet I remember a white brick wall and a feeling of being less than human and alone.
I sometimes wish that I could remember my brother and sisters and life as a child , for me there is no school or friends no mom or dad even though I had a "normal" suburban life in what was East Detroit.
My siblings have a hard time believing that I do not really know them as a child so when a topic comes up and they say things like "you must remember that" I simply smile and say of course and avoid talking about the amnesia.
As a teen I remember almost getting cought stealing a case of root beer from a store with 3 or 4 other boys, we lost the pop and got real dirty hiding in a backyard barbacue pit while the police cruiser went by
        I know some facts about that era. I tinkered with electronics and I do remember a flash of light as I melted a screwdriver while trying to make a soldering iron and I also played with chemistry and have been told that I did catch the back of the garage on fire and I quit high school after failing the ninth grade twice .I went to school one day a week and took tests and did well but you really have to go to school to advance to the next grade.
                                   and this is my childhood
There is no valid explanation as to the cause of my amnesia although there have been several major trauma's in my life which I will discuss in the time slot as they occured.
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