after Marie and Peggy
that would be my life from 1997 till the present, this is a wonderful story from almost dying in1998 and losing mom in the same year to meeting Peggy in january of 2000 of being listed as disabled when the cardiologist would not sign a back to work release in February of 2000, to having back surgury in 2004 and mild strokes in 2009 10 and 11.
Much has been accomplished , and much has been explored by Peggy and I. Our life is loving , adventurous , exciting, and very satisfying since we compliment each other , accept each other and love each other. during this time I have painted two major Christian works of art, painted four building sized murals one of which has a 13 ft. Jesus on it, rebuilt two houses , and two cars, built a shed that is 14 ft x 16 ft. with 10 ft walls making a 3 tier shed and many repairs of cars and computers etc. etc.
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