Margaret Ellen Grace born March 22. 1944
 to Louis and Margaret Grace in Detroit Michigan
Moved to the 1840 "taylor" mill in Memphis Michigan in 1946
Married Dennis Guoin in 1970 and had 5 children
Dan,Jeremy,Anna,Valerie,and David
Dan married sue have no children
Jeremy married Michelle and have 2 children Megan , Jason
Anna married kalil(Casey)Chaudry and has stepdaughter Elizabeth and daughter Morgan and Baby Apollo
Valerie married George Hunger and have 3 daughters,Paige,Chloe,and Autumn
David married Lori Lookliss and has 2 sons Phinnius lookliss Guoin (Finn) and Augustus Lookliss Guoin(Gus) and Baby to be born in June of 2014
Dennis died in 1996 in an auto accident ,he was a good man that loved people, danced ,dressed well,wrote alot and was a good Catholic and is missed by many.
I lived down the street by 5 houses and I was introduced to Peggy by a friend in January of 2000. I instantly saw the goodness and intelect in this person and we became instant good friends. Peggy was a research librarian at the main library in Pt Huron and was promoted to the position of branch coordinator untill she retired on June 31 ,2009, the very next day on my birthday we both went to the library in Algonac to play our dulcimers. Our dulcimers now play a very great part of our life since we love this music especially when there are public concerts
we were married on July 21 2002 and have since that time busied ourself rebuilding a rental house and our house which is the house built for Dennis and Peggy in 1971 within sight of the home that Peggy grew up in We rebuilt most of that house and have made it safe and beautiful between 2002 and2011 we also fully rebuilt a rental house by 2005.
Peggy and I enjoy gardens and parks ,collecting pretty rocks and minerals. we love to travel and camp and go wondering into old mines and quarries.but most of all we love each other greatly and we love our life
our present garden project is this summers major work we are building a garden that will cover the full property complete with a bridge waterfall and a pond.
we enjoy all of our animals that come from the woods, even the possum is cute ,as are 6 cats ,about 10 squirrels, a few dozen birds, a couple raccoons and a deer every year or so.
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