political views
It is the 2012 election year. I have been watching some reality t.v. shows that call themselves "news networks".
Politicians are talking about contraception. Millions of dollars have been spent to allow the different candidates to bash each other and tell every nasty tale that they can think of, these stories need not be true. Some remarks have nothing to do with reality but the result is that people talk about how idiotic or nasty these statements are. If you believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity then all the backlash is a lot of free advertisement.
I do not believe that our leaders are as unrealistic as they are portrayed, I honestly believe that as a general rule both government and business leaders cooperate in running things and do so in order to keep as many alive and content as possible . President Obama seems to do a fair job even though it appears as if the other side is totally blocking everything.
I do not want to believe that the republican party has degenerated to petty politics, thinking only of their own reelection. if what appears to be true then we are all in trouble since a house divided can not stand.
There are probably some policies that make the rich richer and some policies that are aimed at removing any say for the people. these are wrong and not a good approach to the future. we ought to make greed illeagl
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