It is now January 2012 and I am going to tell of a night in Chicago Illinois around the year 1989 or 90.
I had been a tour bus driver since 1979 and have travelled all over the U.S.A. . . . On a chilly fall day
I had taken a trip with an art class from Lanse Cruse high school (near Mt. Clemens, Mi.).
In the evening, after seeing the wonderful Chicago art museum, I took this group to the “Sears tower” located at S. Wacker and W. Jackson Blvd. . . .
I parked my bus on w. Jackson at the corner of S, Wacker; I was parked on the right hand side of the road heading east and was directly across from the glass entry that has a good view of the building’s interior.
At that time there was an empty space on the south side of W Jackson that extended for almost a full block both east and south. Behind the bus was S. wacker as well as the entrance for lower Wacker drive. This was an area of about ¼ mile of roadway behind the bus.
To get off the story for a bit I would like to mention that “lower Wacker” is one level below the streets of present day Chicago and is the original street with the original storefronts exposed. This level is now considered to be the basement level of the downtown buildings but the truth is that the streets of Chicago now are in reality bridges connecting the second floors of the downtown buildings. This occurred because Chicago was built in a swampy area and walking was difficult for the Victorian ladies and their flowing full length dresses. The second story bridges became popular and eventually evolved into the streets as we know them now.
Back to my retelling of that night in Chicago.
This night was rather chilly with the temperature dropping to 39 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I have knowledge that people can die from hypothermia at temps at or below 41.
I was looking towards the lobby of the sears tower and saw a person that appeared to be homeless, lying on top of a metal grate that had steam coming up from it. The steam led me to think that the grate led to a heat source or a vent from the lower levels, I focused on the heat source idea and that the man was reaching for the heat to maintain his life. I realized that I have become aware of a very real need. In large cities there are many people who beg for dollars yet have no real need, They do make a job of obtaining money from peoples goodness to provide for their income, this man, sleeping on a metal grate had a real need to preserve his life.
My personal code of ethics dictates that if I am aware then I am responsible. True to myself I got out of my seat and walked over to the man on the grate and invited him onto my bus to gain some heat.
He came on board and I showed him where to put his hands on top of the front window heaters. I talked to this man who told me that his name was Chris and that he was from Puerto Rico. I told him about the weather predictions and I gave him $15.00 , which was enough to get a room, I was also aware that it was enough to get a man drunk , that would have been his choice. I have been in many downtown areas and knew the panhandlers ploys and this was one of the rare times that I gave money away.
I told Chris that when the group came back that he had to go and find a room. Chris told me that he had to go now, I said that he can wait till the group comes and again he said that he had to go now .I opened the door and he was walking out the door as I turned my head and saw inside the tower that the first of that school group was coming around a corner and into view.
I got up and went out of the bus to ask Chris how he knew that they were coming. It has been something like five (5) seconds between the time that he was going out the door and the time that I went out the door.
                                          HE WAS GONE
Remember that there was at least a city block or about ¼ mile in all directions that had to have been crossed to be out of sight. An Olympic sprinter could not have crossed that distance in the few seconds that Chris did, yet he was gone and I cannot explain it. I will say that it is impossible for any human being to have disappeared in the time allowed.
My conclusion is that I had entertained an angel and it was a test of my heart, the funny thing is that I had given ½ of the money I had in my pocket and I felt a pang of guilt for getting cheap with an angel, but in retrospect I can say that since he was an angel he had no need of any money at all.
I have had quite q few spiritual events in my life yet this is one that I hold dear to my heart and remember CHRIS THE ANGEL
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