Christian views
                  My Christian views are fairly simple, I KNOW that God is a real entity whose nature is not fully known by anyone. I Believe that Jesus is the only, born of woman, son of God who is the savior of all who confess their sins and accept Jesus as their savior.
             To me salvation is simple ,accept Jesus as the savior , confess your sins and ask for forgivness.Nothing else is required , absolutly no other action or word is required to attain salvation.
                Jesus was baptised as well as me .I was baptised because Jesus thought it was a right thing to do and specifically what that means to God is beyond me . Baptism is a public proclamation of your repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus, the Christ, as your savior and under whose lordship you submit your full being.
Since Jesus said to the thief on the cross that he would be with him (JESUS) in paradise, I can not say that it is required that you must be baptised to enter the Kingdom of heaven since the thief was not baptised and we know from the words of the savior himself that the thief is saved.
           I have read and studied the "big bang theory" as I read Genisis for the first time I saw that the Bible said basically the same thing as the big bang theory, that is to say that the processes and sequences were the same. of course the words were not close to each other but they both said the same story, I have studied the sky to see how it is made , I have studied the earth to see how it is made, i have at least on a rudimentry level studied living things to see what makes them and us tick.
 I collect rocks and belong to two clubs of amature geologists who go into mines and quarries in search of knowledge and some very kool rocks. I can say that "the rocks cry out" and tell an undeniable story of an old earth. I have seen in many places ,many layers of earth , many layers of fossils and with a minimal amount of calculation I can see that it is very plain that our world is very old much older than six thousand years.
         The six thousand year theory was calculated by a James Usher ,a monk in the early 1600's, about 400 years ago, at a time when Galalio was imprisoned for saying that the earth was not the center of the universe . Mr Usher added up the years of all the people mentioned in the bible and then added six days to that figure and came up with an exact date, that was a great accomplishment but I believe that it was an incomplete calculation since he forgot the verse in the bible that says " a day to the lord is like unto a thousand years" which would allow for the world to be old if the term day can be seen as a period of time . another factor to consider is that at the time the bible was written the term one thousand (1000) was the largest number used so even the saying that a day to the lord is like unto a thousand years can be read as a day to the lord is a long long time.
             I am not a Catholic nor do I take any sub title other than Christian, I go to a free Methodist Church yet am not a Free Methodist simply because I gave my life to Jesus and am a follower of Christ.saying this I have no problem in revering mother Mary for blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the spirit, Jesus, Mary has to be special an I can regard her as the one human that has come into direct contact with the living God. I will not worship mary or any saint . My worship is for Jesus alone, now I must say that for those people who do worship the saints and Mary,YOU can pray to Jesus directly, he hears every still small voice. He is in you and wants to be your friend.
               There are only two doctrins of the catholic church that I fully disaggree with and they are (1) the infallability of the pope, no human is without mistake, granted that person is definatly very close to God and most likely has good conversations with God but he is still a man and subject to missing the mark and that has been factually verified for centuries. The other thing is the literal transmutation of the body and blood Jesus in that cracker , I have no problem with the symbolism of his body in remembering him.
All other religions
I firmly believe that if someone serves God with their whole heart for their whole life and do not know Jesus as savior at the moment of their death Jesus will be at their side introducing himself and showing them the way no matter what name they used in addressing God. Since God looks at the heart
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